Gala Speaker Announced

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Masquerade Gala Guest Speaker - Don Piper

[/column][/row][row][column width=”1_2″ _made_with_builder=”true”][media_image image=”{"attachment_id":"2337","url":"\\/\\/\\\/wp-content\\/uploads\\/2018\\/04\\/don-smile.jpg"}” width=”300″ height=”200″ link=”” target=”_self” _array_keys=”{"image":"image"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/media_image][/column][column width=”1_2″ _made_with_builder=”true”][media_image image=”{"attachment_id":"2336","url":"\\/\\/\\\/wp-content\\/uploads\\/2018\\/04\\/90-minutes-in-heaven.jpg"}” width=”300″ height=”200″ link=”” target=”_self” _array_keys=”{"image":"image"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/media_image][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][text_block text=”<p>On his way home from a church conference in 1989, Don Piper’s car was hit head-on by a semi truck. Emergency personnel responded and pronounced him dead on the scene. A passing minister received permission to enter Don’s car and began praying over the lifeless body. Ninety minutes later, Don returned to life on earth with vivid memories of God’s perfect place—Heaven. Thirty-four operations and years of recovery forced Don and his family to find a “new normal.” His inspirational story has touched millions around the globe, helping many to find hope following tragedy and loss.</p><p>Founded in 2007, Don Piper Ministries channels revenues from book sales and speaking income to financially support more than 20 ministries and charity organizations. Don’s wife, <a href="" target="_blank">Eva Piper</a>, nursed him back to health and tells her own story in her book <a href=""><em>A Walk Through the Dark</em></a><em>.</em></p>” _made_with_builder=”true”][/text_block][/column][/row][/section]