Monthly Newsletter



End of Summer Activities: Entertaining kids during Co-Vid is not for the weak! The staff and lifeguards were wonderful and spent many hours with the kids playing games, riding bikes, swimming, taking short trips for ice cream, and hosting movie nights. Thank you to donors who sent jump ropes, soccer goals, and games like an oversized Connect 4, and to The Birthday Club for an entire box of board games!

It’s Back to School time at Kidz Harbor! This means shopping for school clothes and shoes, choosing backpacks, filling supply lists, and getting haircuts. We had many generous donors who provided jeans, shirts, shoes, hoodies, backpacks, and school supplies. These donations made getting the kids ready to go back to school fun and easy, and the kids were so excited to receive such beautiful clothing and shoes. To quote one of our boys, “Oooh – weee…I look gooood!” Thank you to Texan Bank, Downtown T-Shirt Factory, and numerous donors for the backpacks and supplies! Thank you to Amanda for donating your time and skills in cutting and trimming the girls’ hair. We appreciate the support and generosity of all our donors!